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Attend Science Fair

Goals for STEP 5

  1. Attend SCIENCE FAIR
  2. Reflect on your own LEARNING
  3. Consider RECRUITING colleagues to be future MySTics
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STEP 5 – Plan Ahead

  1. SCIENCE FAIR: attend
  2. LEARNING: reflect
  3. RECRUIT: colleagues as MySTics

STEP 5 is in Week 10 of School Implementation


STEP 5 – Information

Science Fair

A Science Fair provides a way for students to celebrate their learning. It is the FIFTH KEY ELEMENT of the MyScience Educational Model.

At the School Science Fair students will be actively engaged in presenting their findings using a range of resources such as: PowerPoint presentations, posters and written reports, often accompanied by hands-on equipment for visitors to use so that they can participate in the type of investigations that students have been conducting.


  • Students Explaining is a video of some students explaining their results of an investigation into the impact of different types of motivation in sport at their school Science Fair.
  • Actual Science Fair is a short video of a Science Fair set up in a School Hall.

Students’ projects may be assessed during the Science Fair for submission into other local, state and national award schemes. This provides further validation for all of the hard work that has gone into their science investigations.

Own Learning

The Science Fair brings closure to the learning cycle for students, and is a good time for you to reflect on your own learning through MyScience participation.

Hopefully you feel that your volunteered time and expertise has been valued by the school, the class teacher and your allocated students. If not, a discussion with one of your Science Teachers and other MySTics with suggestions for how this could be better demonstrated by the primary school may be a good idea.

If you have any suggestions for how to improve implementation, streamline the website, or if you would like to send us feedback please contact us.


Recruit Other MySTics

If you have enjoyed volunteering as a MySTic, let other students know and invite them to join in when the next opportunity comes around.

Thank you for being part of MyScience.



5.2 Students Explaining
5.2 Actual Science Fair