Preparation for Mentoring


School Visit #1


School Visit #2


School Visit #3


Attend Science Fair

Goals for STEP 3

  1. Attend SCHOOL VISIT #2 on the scheduled date and time
  2. Discuss outcome of PILOT INVESTIGATION with student groups
  3. Support student groups to COLLECT DATA from their investigation
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STEP 3 – Plan Ahead

  1. SCHOOL VISIT #2: attend on scheduled date and time
  2. PILOT INVESTIGATION: check results, issues etc.
  3. ACTUAL INVESTIGATION: support students to take measurements and record data using their plan

STEP 3 is in Week 5 of School Implementation


STEP 3 – Information

Pilot Investigation
  • Since Visit #1 student groups should have conducted a trial run of their investigation to identify unexpected and unforeseen issues around teamwork, the method, equipment, recording data etc.
  • During Visit #2 students should report to you what happened in their pilot investigation and to ask for advice. Students may have a set of usable data, but more likely it will be a practise run for the ‘real thing’, which you are about to do.
Actual Investigation

There will be LOTS of activity during the SECOND SCHOOL VISIT. As a Mentor you provide a valued additional pair of eyes and hands, but most importantly you demonstrate how to think and work scientifically.

  • Students need to take care that they make accurate measurements, record their data, and perform enough repetitions to ensure a reliable data set. The MINIMUM number of repetitions should be three to five.
  • Students are likely to be quite excitable due to:
    • the presence of Mentors/MySTics,
    • performing hands-on activities, and
    • possibly being located outdoors.
  • SAFETY AWARENESS is crucial. Remind students to WALK, TAKE TURNS, REMAIN CALM, and USE QUIET (indoor) VOICES.
  • Two short videos are available via the Resource Buttons (right). They show students working with their mentor and conducting their investigation. Listen to the types of questions being asked by the Mentors.
  • ‘3.1 Spreading Lava Investigation’
  • ‘3.2 Measuring Sugar in Drinks’


3.1 Spreading ‘Lava’ Investigation

3.2 Measuring Sugar in Drinks