Planning and Conducting a MyScience Investigation


Place the steps in the correct order to enable the planning and conducting a first-hand investigation in science.

1 Groups and mentors evaluate and refine their questions based on given criteria.
2 Groups draw a conclusion from their results and record the investigation.
3 Groups and mentors carry out safety checks, plan a fair test and collect resources for the investigation.
4 Groups and mentors select one question for investigation and check with their teacher.
5 Groups and mentors record their data (results).
6 Groups and mentors identify possible investigation questions that are linked to a component of the theme.
7 Teacher chooses and presents a theme.
8 Class brainstorms and teacher constructs a mind map of the various dimensions of the theme.
9 Class discusses the methods, results, conclusions, applications and implications of their findings of investigations.
10 Groups and mentors carry out their investigation.