Planning Investigations Level 1

Demonstrate your learning

Demonstrate your learning

The following table references a number of science investigations. Go to the sites or follow the links and check each investigation. Check the safety requirements of your system to see if the activity is suitable for the year that you teach. Check with your latest science curriculum to see if it is a suitable activity for the year you teach. Does it represent an example of an activity that is a ‘fair test,’ a ‘design and make’ activity or is it more suitable for using models, information research, surveys or data from secondary sources or perhaps is it a combination?


Type of activity

Class builds a scale model of the solar system

ABC Science, Elephant’s toothpaste

TryScience, Lung Capacity

ABC Science, Catchment Detox

ABC Science, Mobile Phone disco

TryScience, Aluminium boats

SunSmart Millionaire-Experiments, Different materials