Processing Investigations – analysing and concluding Level 1

Analysing data

Analysing data

From the hypotheses in the following table, make predictions about the data if:

  • The hypothesis was true.

  • The hypothesis was not true.



Prediction if my hypothesis is true

Prediction if my hypothesis is not true (null hypothesis)

The thicker the kitchen paper, the more water it absorbs.

Paper A is thicker than paper B which in turn is thicker than paper C. Paper A will absorb more water than paper B than paper C.

Paper B or C will absorb as much water as, or more than, paper A.

The rougher the surface, the hotter it gets when it is rubbed.

Surface A (carpet) is rougher than surface B (lino) than surface C (polished wood). When you rub your hand back and forth five times on surface A it will get hotter than surface B, which will get hotter than surface C.

Rubbing surface B or C, my hand will get just as hot, or hotter, than rubbing surface A.

Colder water freezes faster than hot water.

Container A contains water from the hot tap and container B contains water from the cold tap. When put in the freezer, the water in container B will freeze in less time than water in container A.

Vinegar cleans a coin faster than a soft drink.

Girls have a better short term memory than boys.