Knowing and Thinking Level 2

Human Endeavour

Science as a Human Endeavour

Science and society are tightly interwoven. The draft Australian Curriculum: Science introduces a separate strand of learning for Australian primary schools of learning about the history, nature, practice, implications and career paths in science. The use of Scientist Mentors in MyScience provides an ideal way for students to learn about science as a human endeavour. A key goal of MyScience is to generate students’ interest in science that is likely to initiate more serious consideration of careers in science, engineering and technology. The ultimate goal of the Australian curriculum is to produce citizens who can make informed, evidence-based decisions about current and future applications of science.

Some areas of Science as a Human Endeavour that you need to address include the changing nature of scientific knowledge and examples of how ideas have changed over time as our scientific knowledge has grown, how science has changed the way we live, how science has become so complex that often specialisation and collaboration are critical elements of scientific research. Students need to learn about the specific contributions of Australian scientists and the interdependence of science and culture on human choices.