Types of investigations

After reading about six types of scientific investigations outlined on the MyScience web site, match the question with the type of investigation that it represents. Click and drag the statement to the correct type of investigation that it represents.

Match the drag items to their corresponding target items below:

Drag Items

Where do slaters prefer to live?

Can you change the shape of a piece of plasticine so that it will float?

What can we find out about magnets?

What are the features of surfaces that are best for quickly stopping a car from rolling?

Which of these balls is the bounciest?

What is the name of this invertebrate?

What are the features of springs that store the most energy?

Can we design a pressure pad switch for a burglar alarm system?

How can we group these leaves?

How can we develop tracking devices so we can make better use of solar energy?

Target Items

Classifying and Identifying

Investigating models

Making things or developing systems

Fair Testing

Pattern seeking