Why students should plan their own investigations.

This is an easy way of completing a Plus/Minus/Interesting table. Drag each item to the column headed "Plus", "Minus" or "Interesting" to confirm your understanding of the reasons for and barriers against conducting investigations.





the management of behaviour is stressful

monitoring students is a lot more complex

organisation of equipment is difficult

students cannot work together without set procedures

a greater variety of equipment is required

it takes too much time

there are more risks that have to be managed

the class is noisy

the teacher and the students can learn together

investigating can cater for a different style of learner

different ways of communicating might be needed for students to stay in contact with mentors

sometimes the results are unexpected

students experience the consequences of their own decisions

it promotes the discussion about reliability and validity of data

it provides a real context for students to work cooperatively

it supports language development

it provides an authentic context for developing numeracy skills and knowledge

it allows for concrete experience of natural phenomena

students see the task as more purposeful

it promotes student curiosity

students see the task as more interesting

students are more creative

it provides opportunities for the development of skills in manipulating and using equipment

it promotes a culture of judgements being based on evidence

it provides opportunities for practical problem-solving

students are more motivated