About the Program

MyScience is a primary school science and technology program providing support through the establishment of a sustainable model of collaboration between  schools, industry/business and university sectors. It aims to stimulate interest and enhance capacities of primary science teachers and students in conducting authentic scientific investigations.

Concept, design, content and delivery

This is a pioneering initiative to bring together a range of key aspects of exemplary primary science and technology education into a profoundly integrated program. The five critical elements comprising MyScience, drawn from extensive research and experience are:

  1. Collaborative professional learning for primary teachers
  2. Clear achievement criteria
  3. Supporting students to investigate scientifically
  4. Scientists mentoring students
  5. Celebrating achievement

Scientist mentors are sourced from the school's local community, where possible. An aim of MyScience is to sustainably position schools with a network of scientists from their local communities.

MyScience is designed to:

  • support a move from structured to open-ended experiences in science and technology
  • support students to collaborate in groups and to select areas of personal interest for scientific investigations
  • strengthen links and learning between primary and secondary schools by training Year 9/10 students as a MyScience Trainee in the classroom (or MySTic), who benefit from interaction with enthusiastic scientists and explaining science concepts to younger students,
  • encourage school community involvement and awareness of the importance of science education through long-term partnerships with local scientists, local science and technology-based industry and parents,
  • inspire students to consider careers in science, technology and engineering, and
  • gather and analyse quantitative and qualitative research data to monitor affective outcomes of students, teachers and other participants as they engage in science and technology activities.